Ford Protect Extra Care

Here at Heartland Ford Warranty, we provide Ford Protect Extra Care and Mechanical Service Coverage Plans to address several customer requirements, such as price points and levels of protection. Ford Protect ESP ExtraCare Plans, covering 113 components, extend mechanical service coverage for New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We suggest you take a few minutes to go over the ExtraCare plan, which is detailed in the brochure below. Of course, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (765) 793-2233


Drive On with Peace of Mind

Based on your driving needs, you can customize a Ford Protect Extra Care and Mechanical Service Coverage Plan that’s right for you.

Drive On with First-Class Service

Ford Protect ExtraCare coverage is 100% Backed by Ford Motor Company.

  • Service provided at Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

  • Ford-authorized parts used for covered repairs

  • Factory-trained and certified technicians

Drive On with Valuable Benefits

Ford Protect ExtraCare coverage is there when you need it with 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

  • Includes tire change, lockout, out-of-fuel and battery jump-start assistance

  • Towing Assistance (up to $100 per occurrence)

  • Emergency Travel Expense (up to $1,000 within the first 5 days per occurrence)

  • Destination Assistance (up to $75)

  • Call 1-800-241-3673

Drive On with Savings

Ford Protect ExtraCARE coverage is an affordable way to limit your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Protects you from the rising cost of future repair bills

  • Pay only your deductible, if any, per covered repair visit

  • 100% transferable, which may increase your vehicle’s resale value (transfer fee applies)

For NEW Ford Protect Plans

  • Coverage begins with the original in-service date (New Vehicle Limited Warranty start date) and zero miles or hours. Your selected coverage expires upon reaching the earliest of time, mileage or hours.

For USED Ford Protect Plans


Vehicles within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

  • Eligible Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles that have New Vehicle Limited Warranty remaining at the time of purchase‚ÄĒcoverage begins at the signature date and current mileage. Coverage ends at the earlier of the number of months purchased or the number of miles purchased from the expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Great Value of Ford Protect ExtraCare

With a California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois Ford Protect Extra Care and Mechanical Service Coverage Plan, you are protected from unforeseen covered repairs on your vehicle for up to the earlier of 8 years or 150,000 miles. That’s well beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty that comes with your vehicle. Now is the time to protect your investment with a Ford Protect ExtraCare Extended Service Plan.

The price for parts and labor to repair many major components can be significant. One repair bill can easily exceed the price of your California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois Ford Protect Extra CARE and Mechanical Service Coverage. It’s clear that this coverage can quickly pay for itself!